The Antagonist

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The Antagonist is a short campaign set in an original setting. It is intended to be an engaging experience you won't want to put down until you have completed it.

General Info

Author: Bigchunk1

Missions: 10+


  • Absolutely NO briefings or debriefings, you are thrown right into the game.
  • All user-made assets, some reconverted or retextured assets and a new skybox
  • Powerups which grant abilities upon collection for a limited time
  • A brand new fighter completely made/converted/tabled from scratch
  • The ability to jump in and out of subspace in mission, resulting in tactical consequences.
  • Boss fights against unique and powerful opponents
  • Custom sound effects, menus loading screens etc.

Status: Released


MediaVPs, 3.6.12 The 3.6.13 build or newer


Sometime in our future governments changed, they slowly began to meld together through increased technology, business, and commerce until they became known as 'The Nationalist Union'. It was a flawed government which did not take care of its uncontrollable bureaucracy. Later on a new government called 'The Oligarchy' rose to power using aggressive political methods to assure complete control over the population of citizens. The Oligarchy was not ruled by a king or a single dictator, but a tightly knit circle of Oligarchs each of which played a role in the overthrow of the former nationalist union. The Oligarchy assured their control through secrecy and drugging of its population. It would seem that no one would be able to break their grasp... until you.

Player Comments

This is one of the finest mods ever made, and one of the cleanest, most flow-inducing experiences I've encountered in gaming over the past few years. It'd be a fine XBLA title or indie PC release. It surprised me more than anything I've played since Windmills, and I would rank it alongside Wings of Dawn as one of the most important new milestones in recent modding.

This was one amazing campaign, bigchunk1. Great work. Everything about it was fresh and the new weapons really managed to keep the gameplay fun. And the setting was awesome. More campaigns like this, please The space-time around me got filled with quality when playing this one - MrTealTwo

- this thing is perfectly paced. I had to stop halfway through a combat segment when I realised what time it was: there's a constant narrative drive that makes it hard to find a spot to say "that's it for now." - Darius

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