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The Babylon Project (TBP) is a stand-alone total conversion based on the Babylon 5 universe created by J. Michael Straczynski. It features a large amount of ship from different species from the Babylon 5 universe in single and multiplayer content.

Premise of the TV show

"The Babylon Station is a dream given form. It is a 5 mile long space station built in neutral territory orbiting the planet of Epsilon 3. A place for commerce and diplomacy where diverse populations can gather calmly without the threat of war and discuss their differences with the hope of understanding each other and settling their disagreeements peacefully. But not all disputes can be solved peacefully..."

Babylon 5 ran for five full seaons and aired first in January 1994. It centers, as the title suggests, on the Babylon 5 space station, an interstellar center for politics, trade and diplomacy. Set up by the Earth Alliance after a war that nearly ended with the extinction of humanity, the station is supposed to offer all species a forum to discuss all interstellar matters and solve conflicts peacefully. Keeping the peace, a worthy cause, proves to be increasingly difficult in the years following 2257 and later fails definitely, as a myterious force engineers war betweem the major powers.

The Total Conversion

The Babylon Project features over 120 Ships of over 11 species or factions including the Earth Alliance Omega Class Destroyer, the Centauri Primus Class Battle Cruiser or the Vorlon Star Dreadnought. It also features the latest effects from the Source Code Project (high detailed textures and graphics and the "Glide-Mode" for some fighters). High quality sound effects and the original soundtrack from the famous TV-show are also included. TBP has a focus on User-generated content and understands itself as a construction kit for fans. Coming with multiple official campaigns, many more have been created by users.


After the final release, the Zathras project ensures full compatibilty with newer builds of the FS2 SCP engine. Maintained by the TBP development team, Zathras also fixes leftover issues and adds new features. Since multiplayer, as well as some newer campaigns, demand these fixes, it is not advised to play without the Zathras Mod.

Release Info:

The Babylon Project FINAL


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