The Die is Cast (Multiplayer Mission)

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Medal given: SOC Service Medallion.

Minimum difficulty for medal: Hard.


Operation Alea Iacta Est. You are members of a SOC team ordered to capture NTF Rear Admiral Vidar under all circumstances.


Important Note: Initially, everything is peaceful in this mission. Do not shoot at anything until things go hostile unless your job specifically requires it, or you may cause an instant mission failure.

For much of this mission, your force will effectively be split into a Fighter force and a Bomber force, each with their own objectives as described below.

While it is peaceful at the start of the mission, one Fighter equipped with a Maxim and Trebs should scan the cargo of the two freighters heading away from the station, and then take out three specific AAA turrets on the station with its Maxim (and ONLY its Maxim. No missiles). This is the ONLY ship allowed to fire before the battle is joined, and only at these specific targets as it will not cause the enemies to go hostile if done right. The turrets to take out are the following:

  • One near the radar dish
  • One just above the hole in the Arcadia
  • One just above the fighter bay

Following this, the same Fighter should take up position near the fighter bay and wait for the arrival of an Argo transport. Note that this may arrive before you get there, but that's ok as long as you can catch up.

While all this is taking place, Bombers should rush to take up positions near the Orion (near the engine subsystem is a good spot). As soon as hostilities commence, their job is to kill that Orion as close to instantly as they can possibly manage. Failure to do this makes the mission significantly harder.

Once Bombers are in position and the Fighter mentioned above is trailing its Argo, that fighter will open hostilities by disabling the Argo. Two pairs of dumbfired Trebs into the engine subsystem (switch banks to launch the second pair faster), plus a little Maxim fire, is enough to stop it dead in a few seconds. As soon as this happens and everything goes hostile, the Bomber force must Helios the Orion into vapour. The Orion will launch escape pods, which must be destroyed quickly - If left alone for a little while, they jump out and you lose the medal. Trebs and Maxims work well.

Following the death of the Orion, there are three potential targets remaining for the Bombers. Two Deimos-class corvettes, of which one is moving and one is stationary, and the Arcadia installation. The first target is the Arcadia. Concentrate on it until it launches escape pods, and then, as with the pods from the Orion, get them fast - These too will jump. Once the station dies, the last target in this part of the mission is the moving Deimos. Do not touch the stationary one, or you will be in serious trouble later.

Meanwhile, the Fighter force will be working to disable the Argos which have been appearing. All of them must be disabled and then left alone, though disarming is also a good idea as they carry flak - Just be very careful when disarming so as not to accidentally destroy a transport. When no transports are in need of attention, disarming any live warships as well as general fighter suppression are the orders of the day.

When the area is clear except for the stationary and by now hopefully completely disarmed Deimos (again, do NOT kill), scan the Argos and carefully disarm them is that hasn't been done already.


  • Loadout advice: Most people should be assigned to the Bomber force, which will NOT be flying bombers. Instead, they will want Myrmidons with Helios for the capitals and at least one bank of Trebs for the escape pods. Fighters (only two needed) should grab an Erinyes, at least one of which should bring a Maxim and two banks of Trebs for the disarming of the first Argo.


  • The SOC Service Medallion is regarded by several veteran pilots to be the most difficult multiplayer medal to obtain.

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