The Iron Curtain

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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition
and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe.
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Description: Unknown.


Alpha wing is assigned to defend a faltering jump node blockade from multiple Shivan fighters and bombers.


A recommended loadout is the GTF Perseus, with dual Prometheus S cannons, one bank of Harpoons and one bank of Tornadoes.

Delta Wing (consisting of three badly damaged Taurets) will be engaging Aries Wing (consisting of Manticores). Deal with them the best you can, and take out the Nahema bombers assaulting the Deimos-class Athens.

The rest of the mission is dogfighting against Aeshmas, some Maras, and Basilisks, along with interception against every type of Shivan bomber.

If the blockade starts to fall apart, don't fret just yet. As much as you would like some reinforcements, they're not coming or on their way, but too late to show up.

Still keep dogfighting, and when the Shivan capital ships show up, just engage anything as long as you don't kill yourself.

The MTD Auriga will arrive on the scene and take out one of the Shivan capital ships. Check its sensor subsystem, and scan it if you get the chance (it's okay if you don't get it).

After all the hell is over, only the GTC Lonewolf is standing. Epsilon Wing shows up, but they're too late. You will then be called to return to base.