The Mercury Affair

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Release Date: Karajorma quoted as saying, "sometime after both MindGames and Seeds Of Rebellion."
Authors: Karajorma
Missions: 20+
Mods: Several, including those from Seeds Of Rebellion.


Set 8 years after Seeds Of Rebellion, The Mercury Affair follows Alpha 1 leader of the 70th Blue Lions who has led a pretty quiet life since Capella. Now working as an instructor in Vega, Alpha is reassigned to an active mission in Ross 28. Ross 28 is the closest star to Capella that the GTVA have access to. Discovered near the start of the Second Great War. Ross 28 has become the centre of studies into the effect of the Capella supernova on GTVA systems. What should be a routine mission takes a more dangerous turn when secret cargos begin to arrive in the system. What are the GTVA up to out here in the middle of nowhere? As the player follows the mystery deeper it leads to a secret that has been kept for many years. A secret that could result in the end of the GTVA.