The Great Rebellion

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Fighter squadron: Not known

Description: Alpha and Beta Wings are sent to take the Ross 128 node. Once a few wings of fighters are taken out the Het-Ka arrives and launches its own fighters. Alpha tries to stop the vessel but it jumps into Ross 128.


After establishing a beachhead in Delta Serpentis, the GIVA move to secure the Ross 128 jump node to split off the EA forces in Ross 128 from their supply line to Sol.


As you jump in, there will be a small EA convoy protected by two wings of Claymores and an Aesacus cruiser. Ignore the cruiser and take out the fighters, then attack the freighters. Once the freighters are down then you may choose to attack the cruiser if you wish, but it is fairly well defended against fighters and carries a number of dangerous Stinger missile batteries. Once the freighters are destroyed, command will ask you to scan the cargo, which will reveal that they carry nothing of value and command will tell you to destroy them. Destroy all the cargo for the bonus objective. Don't worry if one of the freighters or the Formidable escapes. They are not critical mission objectives.

Some time after all the EA fighters have been destroyed a wing of hostile Vasudan fighters will jump in, followed by a Vasudan Super-destroyer. Just stay alive for this portion as there is nothing you can do to the Het-Ka. It will depart through the node after a while and the Vasudan fighters will leave with it. You will then be cleared to return to base.


The plotline introduced with this mission goes nowhere. The Het-ka is never mentioned nor appears again in the campaign. As the entire renegade Vasudan subplot has been cut from subsequent versions of Inferno, we will never know what they were really up to. It'll forever be a mystery~

Total number of forces

Forces involved
  • 3 EC 1 Containers
    • Container 001
      • Cargo: Supplies
    • Container 002
      • Cargo: Spare Parts
    • Container 003
      • Cargo: Energy Cells
  • 12 GVF Apis
    • Scorpio (4)
    • Capricorn (4) *2 waves

  • 0-12 GVF Apis
    • Scorpio (4)
    • Capricorn (4) *2 waves

New equipment