Tides of Darkness

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Release date: Released on the 1st of January, 2009
Authors: Droid803
Missions: 11 + 2 cutscenes
Mods included:

  • Playable Shivan Craft
  • New Shivan Fighters/Warships
  • A "new" species


  • MediaVPs (3.6.10 release)
  • FreeSpace Open 3.6.10 (capable of running 3.6.10 MVPs)


Tides of Darkness: Exile

Twenty years ago, a small group of Terrans escaped the Capella Supernova by fleeing to Gamma Draconis. Now, these 'exiled' Terrans live in an alliance with the Great Destroyers using the technology created by Admiral Bosch. However, an unseen hand causes a Shivan splinter faction to rise against the fledgling Neo Terran-Shivan Dominion. In this time of turmoil, the Shivan's greatest nemesis returns...


Tides of Darkness was received well by the community. The mod assets that come with ToD were given special praise. Commentators also noted the ability to use a fighter-mounted beam. The campaign's premise has split the community: Some found it impressive, while others found it lacking in explanation. A few reviewers have found some missions too hard for their liking.


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