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Topgun is a user-made campaign for Descent: FreeSpace.


Author: Warren "Terminator"

Mods: None

Missions: 3


This is he Topgun Campaign. Yes you heard it; the Topgun Campaign. You are Maverick. But, however, in the fourth mission you lose Goose. If you don't have the movie, well, then you can experience it on the computer.


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The missions only consist of Alpha 1 plus one friendly named after various Top Gun characters, pitted against one (1) or two (2) hostiles named after various Top Gun characters. There are no subsequent waves. Missions two and three are identical except for the names of the ships. The blurb in the accompanying file states the player will "lose Goose" in the fourth mission, however, there are only three missions in the campaign.

The campaign allows the player to continue regardless of mission outcome, even if the player jumps out immediately upon mission start. There are no briefings, debriefings, events, objectives, descriptions, directives or goals. There are spelling mistakes, however.


This campaign is available via the Internet Archive Wayback Machine's archive of VolitionWatch. Download | Wayback Machine.