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Setting up turrets can have a large of their functionality, especially if using the advanced options. To clarify the issues the turret types have been split into two different sections:

Singlepart turrets consisting of a single non-rotating subobject
Multipart turrets consisting of two subobjects, the turret base and the turret arms (barrels)

Singlepart turrets

With single part turrets there are relatively few considerations to be made. Turret normal determines the centre of field of view (FOV) cone the turret has. If the target can be sighted and is within the firing parameters of the weapon the turret is armed with it will be fired upon. Only when using either swarm type weapons or standard spawn type weapons or when using "fire down normals" subsystem flag can something else be seen. In these cases the weapons are fired at the turrets normal instead of being pointed directly at the target.

"smart spawn"

"Smart spawn" weapons flag (see Weapons.tbl) enables spawn type missiles to be fired normally without being limited into close defence weapons seen in the retail game.

"fire down normals"

"Fire down normals" subsystem flag forces weapons in the turret to be fired along the turrets normal. However there are additional limitations to the firing when this setup is in use. For example unless proper Ai_profiles.tbl flag is used then a secondary (roughly 74 degree for non-heat seekers and roughly 90 for heat seekers) firing cone is used.

Sample diagram

Turret sp.png

Multipart turrets

Standard setup

Turret std.png

$Maximum Barrel Elevation

This ships.tbl flag limits the barrel elevation of the turret, useful e.g. if the turret design is such that the barrels should not rotate all the way up.

Turret adv a.png

$Turret Base FOV

This ships.tbl flag limits the rotation of the turret base.

Turret adv b.png