Twist of Fate

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General Info

Author: Woolie Wool

Missions: Demo: 4 Chapter 1: 15 Chapter 2: 11 Chapter 3: 11 Chapter 4: 11 Total: 48

Status: WIP, demo released

Mods included:

  • Many new Terran and Vasudan ships and weapons, including the never-before-seen GTB Diana and PVF Seshat
  • New high quality music composed of outtakes from the original FreeSpace score, taken from Nix's archive
  • New background effects


  • MediaVPs 3.6.12 or later
  • FS2_Open 3.6.16 or later
  • FreeSpace Port 3.3 or later, plus the latest FSPort mediavps.


Twist of Fate is set in an alternate continuity where the Shivans went extinct thousands of years ago, and the Terran-Vasudan War continues long after where it ended in FS1. Each chapter puts the player in the role of a different rookie pilot fighting in the Terran-Vasudan war. Chapter 1 takes place at the same time as FS1, in early 2335, Chapter 2 in 2337, Chapter 3 in 2344, and Chapter 4 in 2354. The Terrans and Vasudans start out with early FS1 technology, but develop more and more advanced technology as the years drag on.



  • Woolie Wool: Project lead, primary FREDing, storyline, texture editing
  • Talon1024: FREDing, alpha testing, debugging


(in alphabetical order)
  • Hellstryker: Alpha testing, assistance, and textures
  • QuantumDelta: Alpha testing, balancing, and assistance

Demo Contributors

  • Koth:: Beta testing
  • Tinman: Beta testing
  • Marduk: Beta testing

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