Twisted Infinities

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Twisted Infinities Screenshots
A gas refinery in the upper atmosphere of EP VI
The GTD Antioch deploys its fighters
The Starr Corporation shipyards in Epsilon Pegasi
The SF Chaya, deep in unknown space
An Aesir fleet in combat
Twisted Infinities


It's 2378, eleven years after the Capella Incident. The Second Shivan Incursion plunged the GTVA into a deep depression, slowing the economy and affecting millions across the galaxy. Some systems have coped. Others have not.

Cut off from the central systems by a destroyed node on one side, and dangerous, barely-controlled, former NTF systems on the other, Epsilon Pegasi and the surrounding systems have fallen far from their former grace. Despite efforts in the past to clean it up, the region remains riddled with pirates and criminals. One group in particular has risen to prominence above the others, and somehow gained a technological edge, not just over the regions other pirate gangs, but possibly over the Alliance itself.

Ultimately, this technology will force the Alliance into war against enemies old and new, and change the galaxy forever.

Campaign Information


  • Atmospheric Combat
  • A new Race
  • 35+ missions, spread over four acts.
  • Several new and unique player-available ships and weapons.
  • Dozens of new capital ships, freighters and enemy fighters.


Current as of September 2013 Despite its long development cycle, TI is currently being actively worked on:

  • Act 1 is being beta tested, with release expected soon.
  • All Act 1 assets are finalized
  • Act 2 is well under construction, and will be released relatively soon after Act 1.

  • A 2013 release is anticipated for Act 1.


  • Black Wolf - FREDding, Modding, Project Lead
  • Vasudan Admiral - Modding, Animating
  • Flipside - Modding, Music
  • Hunter - Webmaster

Wth contributions from:

  • Aldo
  • Freespaceking
  • Galemp
  • Moonred
  • MjnMixael

Recent Updates

  • The Act 1 beta has been uploaded. Bugfixing is ongoing.