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All information related to the UD Ephyra is non-canon.
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The UD Ephyra


Tech Room Description



An unknown destroyer-size warship encountered by the SOFg Stalker during the recon mission in Phi Minoi system in Andromeda. It was equipped with advanced stealth system, large amount of anti-fighter turrets and cavernous hangarbay. The ship appeared at a safe distance from the Stalker and showed no signs of hostility. It departed a moment after it arrived. We are sure this ship was not a Nightmare, but have no intel about possible affiliation of it. It could be the first contact of humanity with another new race. However, we were unable to track the ship and had no further contact with it after we left Phi Minoi.


  • Model by Raven2001
  • Textures and turret models by Kobrar44
  • POFing and conversion by Nyctaeus

Designer's Comments

(Table comments) Note. This is placeholder armament. This ship is going to have fuckin' awesome weapons in the second chapter of Shadow Genesis, but I was too lazy to make them to chapter one.



Width 570 m
Height 1013 m
Length 2627 m
Turrets 47
Fighterbays 1


Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
BGreen 6
Terran turret 31
Geodess 4x4
Heavy Flak 6


Veteran Comments

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The name "Ephyra" is lifted from the pof file and the table's $Short name. This ship is only referred to as "Unknown Destroyer" otherwise.

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