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                                       ***************                           +++ +++++    *********************
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                              fffffffff   rrrrrrrr    eeeeeeeee   eeeeeeeee      ++ ++++   sssssssss   pppppppp        aa       ccccccccc  eeeeeeeee
                              f           r       r   e           e              + ++++    s           p       p      a  a      c          e
                              ffffff      rrrrrrrr    eeeeee      eeeeee         ++++      sssssssss   pppppppp      a    a     c          eeeee
                              ffffff      r rr        eeeeee      eeeeee        ++++       sssssssss   p            aaaaaaaa    c          eeeee
                              f           r   rr      e           e            ++++                s   p           a        a   c          e
                              f           r     rr    eeeeeeeee   eeeeeeeee                sssssssss   p          a          a  ccccccccc  eeeeeeeee

Hey there!


I'm A F K When Needed ("A F K" for short) and... that's a long story.


I've been playing FreeSpace II for years and consider it quite possibly the best game I've ever discovered. I'm capable of doing missions in FRED2; I used to do campaigns but they were lost and I don't have the heart to start-over. (Well, not with me being the only one fiddling around with them and playing them, anyway.) I'll admit I've never played the original FreeSpace. I can't really explain why. It just... doesn't appeal to me the way FreeSpace II does.

Yes... but who are you?

The name's John. I'm Scottish, male and 18 years old.

I'm in my final year of school atm(osht) and hope to go to University to learn about computing and software.


For several reasons I'm not really able to help with voice acting, for which I profusely apologize. Maybe sometime in the future, but I doubt it.

That said if there's anything I can do something to help please do drop me a line about it. (Link) I can do stuff in FRED 2, I'm okay in general with regard to contributing to Wikis and... yeah. If in doubt, give me a shout. (I'm ashamed of myself for that one.) The worst that can happen is I'll say "sorry, no can do".

I'd love to get involved in some project or another, even if it's just being sent stuff to try and break before it's released. Knowing me I'll find something, even if it's just a lack of an AWOL debriefing. And no. The game does not automatically stick that in. But don't worry; it does the Traitor one for you.

How good are you at Wikis?

Meh. Click to edit my page (change it and die) and see one or two things I've fiddled with. I'm no guru but I'm reasonably experienced and if you need help with something I'd be only too happy to give you a hand. I havn't really gotten involved here but I plan on changing that.

What are you doing right now?

I'm about to start drooling over playing the Derelict campaign.

Can't wait to see this beast of an Arcadia skin in a mission!

Thank Yous

I'm using a basic userpage I made myself, so no thanks for that.

But a big thank you to everyone involved with making Derelict a voice acted campaign. I really can't wait to give that a shot!

Also thanks to the people who devote hours to HLP every day :)

Thanks to DarthGeek from IRC
for helping me get Open working!