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Another Bio of some freespace fan lol


My history of playing Freespace is similar to that of Snail's. I only recently became a member of community in like June 2009, but I have been playing that game just about a decade before I finally joined the freespace wiki.

Freespace 1

I got my hands on freespace 1 when my parents got a new computer in 1999. It came with a bunch of different CDs, one of them being Freespace 1. At sometime shortly after the computer was installed, things set up, blah blah blah, I decided to run the game and see what it is + how does it work.

When I first started it and went past the training missions that were blowing my mind (believe me: I failed the third training mission 4 times!) I got to the main campain and found this game to be quite enjoyable. I had quickly got the hang of the game and was quite easy to handle + very fun. I skimmed though it in a breeze, little did I know that I had the difficulty set on Very Easy.

Edventually, I had completed the main campain, said "Well, that's a rap" and went to do something else. It would be like another two years before I laid my eyes appon Freespace 1 again, and when I did, I decided to take up the game and play it though once more.

As with before, I easily blew though the main campain, though this time it was on medium, actually being a lot more difficult and me dying left and right a lot more times. After I beat the Lucifier (again), I tried looking though all the options that in freespace, as well its icon outside the game, but found nothing, as little did I know that the game was nothing more than just a demo, though it has all the muiltiplayer and all of the single player missions, it lacked FRED, leaving me quite bored with freespace and went to do other activities.

Freespace 2 feddish

About 4 years after the events described above, I was skimming the internet out of complete boredem and typed in "freespace" in the google search bar and came appon a large number of results. I never knew that people that had created websites about freespace! I looked on a bunch of them, and edventually found this exact site. I was amazed and looked on all though it, and quickly found that there was a Freespace 2.

After that, I quickly desired Freespace 2 and kept nagging them to go get this game, yet they refused each time, until it got to the point where they would take a look at this and see what it was all about.

I was initily exicited as I was about to get Freespace 2, but as chances would turn out, the price for just that turned out to be $70 bucks on Amazon. I was completely like "WTF?" and utterly confused, and also knew I wasn't getting the game now.

But even then, I still continued to look though the Freespace wiki, and learned a lot more about freespace 1 and 2. Though I quickly knew all the ships and weapons that appeared in FS 1 + 2, it had spoiled the entire freespace 2 campain for me, but back then, I thought "Ah what the hell, its like I'll never get the game so, so what".

  • Finishing the rest later*