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A conservative-radical

What shall I say that you might be interested in? I am a Hungarian teenager who passionately loves FreeSpace and started playing it back in 1999. I have a FreeSpace campaign in the making (Syrk: The Unification Wars), which has more to it than what meets the eye. I am doing Let's Plays on a bit obscure games (for instance, Second Great War Part 2), and as for my ambitions, I am aspiring to be a writer, and my attempts at literature and blogs are not even that bad.

And while I have a burning hatred for those who drink or take drugs (because 97% of them do it because they follow people around them like lambs), I've been playing poker since the age of 14. And I am currently maintaining a blog about my school - which is supposed to be the best in the country. I am criticizing it since the end of June. With good reasons.

My FreeSpace preferences: FS1 over FS2, Sync over Transcend, and I don't compare Blue Planet and Derelict because the only common thing about them is their quality, but in my book, they are too different to compare.

I think that is all that you might be interested in about me. If you want to satisfy your curiosity even more, I'll add some external links below.

My YouTube channel

My blog about my school (beware, Hungarian language awaits you)

Syrk: The Unification Wars on HLP