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Who am I?

246... no.

I do some coding for the Source code project. I also help out with forum support, and write the coding section of the HLP newsletter. Most recently I've joined the Fate of the Galaxy team as a coder/generalist, trying to finish off everything for the first release.

I'm most interested in:

  • Supporting Linux
  • Improving the robustness of the codebase (e.g. see Coverity / Address Sanitiser / PVS studio)
  • Fixing bugs
  • Code reviews to get other peoples features added to FSO, i.e. maintain their momentum (although I feel that this really turns my brain to mush if I do it for too long :))
  • Adding (small) features to the engine to modders find useful
  • git :D

The areas of the code I'm most familiar with are:

  • New pilot code (antipodes 8 / 3.7.0+)
  • HUD gauges
  • ETS

Stuff TODO:

(TODO: make this a table with what/why/how columns)

off the list


GCC Address Sanitiser

(Because I'm always forgetting how to do this!)

  • export CXXFLAGS=-fsanitize=address
  • export LDFLAGS=-fsanitize=address
  • sh --enable-debug
  • ./fs2_open_3.7.3_DEBUG 2>&1 | | c++filt


  • c++filt should be in the binutils package, (probably) also need to install libasan0 (unless something else installs it by default?)
  • REDIRECT STDERR TO STDOUT or you get nothing. NOTHING!

memory overflow