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About ShadowGorrath

I'm just a simple, modest shivan... err, FreeSpacer.

My real name's ┼Żygimantas. Just don't ask about the first letter, I dunno how I can explain the pronunciation...

I'm currently 17 years old, and am very patriotic of my homeland Lithuania.

Me and FreeSpace

I got to know FreeSpace and Hard-Light Productions forums from Vasudan Commander, who's also a member of the FreeSpace community. He got me "into" FreeSpace. At first I wasn't very active within the community: rarely posted anything, didn't mod, etc. My first "mod" is the Sol: A History campaign's graphical upgrade. It was not long before I got motivated enough to start the Ancient-Shivan War mod, and not too long afterwards: the End War mod/campaign.

FreeSpace Projects I'm Involved In

  • Ancient-Shivan War (leader)
  • End War (leader)
  • Teeth of the Tiger
  • Apocalypse III
  • Apocalypse III: Reimagined (leader)
  • Dawn of Sol
  • Crossing the Styx
  • Tides of Darkness

And more unseen and unheard mods

Was involved in 'Earth Defense'.