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Hi. I'm Sigtau.

You can call me Sigtau, Sigma, Sigmatau, Siggy, or even my first name (Will). I don't really care, honestly, as to what you call me.

Anyway, I'm the author of a campaign and modpack, known as the Olympus mod. The Olympus mod is a mod based entirely on the community effort, and a joint endeavor founded by myself using many of the ships found on FSMods and FreeSpace 2 Sector. The reason behind the usage of these ships is simple: No one has put them to good use! The Olympus mod has an intent to change that.

Not only that, but it comes with a pretty damn nice campaign, known as Olympus Burning.

More information on Olympus Burning and the Olympus Mod can be found here:,63657.0.html

Also: I'm big on doing Wiki contributions. If you see anything you'd like to contribute but you're too lazy to do it, ask me.