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Hey ho! I'm Strygon, and I mod. Sometimes.


  • I am an avid anime fan, to the point of drawing that stuff myself.
  • I also sometimes make original ships, though they're usually low-poly. If you like PS1 style ships, might wanna ask me some day.
  • Discord tag is Re(ally) Tired Lunar Sage#8134. Contact me if you want art, ships, ship tables or some other kind of modding help.
  • I stole my idea for this personal page from Nyctaeus, who stole it from Droid803.
  • If you ask me to FRED a mission, I will either have it done by tomorrow or done in about a year. Never in between.
  • I hate FREDding cutscenes.
  • I have the memory of a mentally handicapped housefly.
  • I despise the French language.
  • My optimal room conditions are 5°C with minimum lighting conditions and total isolation from the outside world.
  • I claim to be fluent in English but my hands say otherwise.
  • I like hats.


  • FREDding (Medium Quality)
  • Modelling (Low Poly. Can do high poly but the topology will be ass.)
  • Drawing (Only anime girls)
  • Texturing (I abuse Emissive maps waaaay too much)
  • Scripting (super weak but getting there)

What did I do?

Well so far I only have one released campaign.

  • Operation: Cloak and Dagger