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About Hippo

  • Hippo has been a member of HLP since the close of the VBB in April 2002. He was around the VBB for about 2 years prior (when he became the first to be able to make the player fly as a wingmember other than Alpha 1), and has a fond interest in FreeSpace 1, insisting on modding it even while the SCP chugs along.
  • Hippo is the leader of All Hands to War, a Descent: FreeSpace gone FreeSpace 2 campaign.
  • Hippo is a longstanding member of the Star Wars conversion, now out of the loop due to the project being reassigned to new leadership.
  • Hippo is a fredder for Inferno SCP, though it seems that every time he goes to change something all his mod data is corrupt and he has to rebuild.
  • Hippo enjoys talking in 3rd person with bullets.
  • Hippo is currently employed as a computer salesman at Staples, a Technician at a performance theatre, and a Firefighter.