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First of all, thanks for contributing to the FS wiki. Any new contributor is welcome :)

You do seem to have a bit of a tendancy to editorialize on the veteran comments, and I'm going to have to do a bit of housecleaning to keep them in line with the Veteran comments policy - One I deleted as it was basically speculation and I'll be editing the others down a bit to keep them to relevant information. Since you're a new user, I just wanted to let know that this does not mean you're not allowed to add your own info and experience... it's just that the veteran comments are for facts only and not speculation. So, feel free to keep editing and don't be scared just because I make some changes to your comments to bring them in line with the policy :) - Shade 12:04, 2 January 2009 (CST)

  • [reply to your reply] Basically, if you look at the lenght of your comments versus the rest of them, you'll see that yours are a lot longer. VCs are essentially intended to be short(ish) tidbits of useful information, so that's where my remark about editorializing comes from. For example, while talking about the potential usefulness of a fighter in a mission where it isn't allowed can be an interesting discussion, it's not what the VCs are for - The HLP forums would be a good place for it instead, especially as far more people can take part then. Also, the VCs for the retail ships adn weapons pertain to unmodded versions, so any talking about how some change might affect them are also out by default... but again, definitely an interesting thing to talk about, just not on the wiki.

    But anyway, as I said in my first message, I don't want you to stop editing the wiki or to not say your opinion - Just be prepared for the fact that your contributions may be edited or cleaned up by others in turn (this happens to everyone by the way, hell I've had some of my own removed or edited after the VC policy was implemented). I just wanted to explain why it happens so that as a new user you wouldn't feel unwelcome because of it.

    Oh, and if you remove the huge flag, then in Freespace_open they can still do the last 10% damage (albeit very slowly, as there is a damage reduction in play in this case), but in retail Freespace they would stop dead once they hit the limit and do no more damage no matter how many you fire. - Shade 06:43, 3 January 2009 (CST)