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Thanks for your works with the templates and patching up the Wiki in general. Thumbs up. Mustang19

In reply to your message to me [Isaacjgs]: Eh...thanks. I didn't really know how to fix the Trebuchet problem because I was just starting to look into it. However, I had A LOT of difficulty trying to explain in words what I thought about the Tauret if it was given as an option in Clash of the Titans. I felt that I needed to explain that the given ships were either not the best choices or which ones were satisfactory and why (and I play on Hard difficulty all the time, so my experience may not be the same as everyone else's). In other words, the paragraphs seemed irrelevant, but when you tie them together, I was really comparing the Erinyes and Herc Mk II to the Tauret.

Also, your comment on how I tend to "editorialize" (with me reacting like this: "What?!" >:( ). I didn't really feel like I was, as I was going by experience for the most part, if not for the whole part--although I do agree that the comments I made about the Trebuchet were best taken off, since I had just begun exploring the issue and trying to find ways to correct it. (i.e., using the Ai profiles.tbl (with no results so far...this may be due to me putting the table file in the Freespace 2/data/tables directory instead of inside the folder in the root_fs2.vp file) or using the very crude way of making the AI fire Trebuchets at the bombers--this only puts a Band-Aid on the problem because when the fighter that is shooting at the bomber gets close, it doesn't even switch to the Harpoon (this can be problematic if the bomber is a Nahema, and we know that Trebuchets are not best fired at close range, since they can miss easily)--I tested this in a small mission that I made. Also in FRED, you can only tell your teammates to fire a Trebuchet at ONE target...not at a wing, that they may select a bomber on their own.) I found this Trebuchet issue in Bearbaiting and was puzzled as to why my AI teammates were not firing Trebuchets.

But I do have a question. If one removes the "huge" flag from the Trebuchet, is it still able to take down a capship when it's at 10% or lower?

Anyways, I felt like that I my best in being objective in dishing out as much info as possible so that I make myself clear.


Isaacjgs: Hmm...okay. Understood. I interpreted "editorialize" as something with a negative connotation. I don't care if my stuff gets edited or erased...those are the rules here...I'm just getting my info out there. And thanks for the info about the "Huge" and "Bomber+" tags concerning the Trebuchet.