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Wings of Dawn Tech Room Description

A low tech weapon mounted often found on LSF fighters during the start of the Terran-Cyrva war. It was to be one of the last fighter mounted machine guns and the LSF stopped production of this weapon in NC0103. Recently put back into production to counter Fura'ngle ships (Which are weak to Kinetic weapon types) and to give pilots more Kinetic weapon options aside from the Vk-11a and missiles. It has a long range but limited ammo. On the flipside, it requires almost no energy to fire.



Range 2500 m
Rate of Fire 2.5 shots per second
Velocity 675 ms-1
Base Damage 50
Armor Damage 0.8x 40
Shield Damage 1.5x 75
Subsystem Damage 0.35x 17.5


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