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Wings of Dawn Tech Room Description

Rail Cannons have been around for hundreds of years and the basic idea has remained the same, through a high-intensity current, a solid object is slung out the barrel at high velocities to hit the target for massive damage. This technology has been perfected for years and has reached a dead end in the form of the VK-11a.

Designed and developed in NC0115, the Model 11 Revision A Rail Cannon (VK-11a) is most likely going to be the last Rail Cannon of its kind and it is predicted that it will remain in service for at least an other 30 years. As with all matter-based weapons it has the advantage of a long range, good shield penetration power and low energy consumption but suffers from limited ammo.



Range 3500 m
Rate of Fire 1 shots per second
Velocity 1000 ms-1
Base Damage 150
Armor Damage 0.7x 105
Shield Damage 1.3x 195
Subsystem Damage 0.35x 56


Veteran Comments

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Very useful weapon. Despite being a kinetic weapon, the rail cannon can deal a lot of damage to Nordera fighters and can kill Cordi Soldiers with two shots.