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Wings of Dawn Tech Room Description

While EMP has been briefly used as an effective weapon before the start of the new calender it was soon rendered useless with the discovery of Apollo-Particles (or also known as A-Ps). This particle type combined with triple layered bypassing of onboard systems effectivily nullified the effect of EMP within seconds and allowed the affected system to resume normal functioning without data loss. When it became common practice to install A-Ps emitters on all space ships, EMP weaponry fell out of favor fast.

However around the year NC0073 it became more and more common for fighters to have a internal cockpit which sparked renewed interest in EMP. If you can take away the vision of a pilot for only 2 seconds by disturbing it's equipment it might be enough to land that critial hit. Silva Shipyards once again began researching the matter, but the research was put on hold when the Terran-Cyrva war broke out in NC0078. The project was started again in NC0091, but the first tests showed that most pilots preferred an extra VX-01g on their fighter over a weapon that merely confused the enemy for a second or two The research continued on how to make this weapon multi-functional and more useful. The breakthrough finally came in NC0129 when a young scientist came up with the idea of reversing the polarity of the EMP wave after watching an old science fiction show. By doing this, the weapon now also caused the additional effect of evaporating the stored energy in fighter batteries, engines and other subsystems.

The EMP Wave Cannon received it's offical designation: VX-27s, in the year NC0134 and was taken into limited mass production by the LSF. Due to it's cost to produce it is only distributed to veteran fleet groups.



Range 600 m
Rate of Fire 2 shots per second
Velocity 600 ms-1
Base Damage 50
Armor Damage 0.0x 0
Shield Damage 1.0x 50
Subsystem Damage 1.0x 50


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