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Date sent: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 11:00:06 -0600

From: Duncan McPherson


To: Dan Wentz

Subject: Re: Vasudan Speech

ll'yareh -- book

nominative : reh ll'yareh

genative : geh ll'yaroi

dative : iut ll'yarid

accusative: do ll'yarix

ablative: osi ll'yarpu

vocative: (n/a)

ll'yarehfi -- to read (lit.: "to book")

Present singular:

I read: ll'yarehfeh

you read: ll'yarehfio

he/she/it reads: ll'yarehfnia

Present plural:

we read: ll'yareh'Hrax

you read: ll'yareh'Gio

they read: ll'yareh'Neh

Present imperial:

Emperor reads: ll'yareh'phyarIx

Representative reads: ll'yareh'oyr

Senator reads: ll'yareh'urti

Ambassador reads: ll'yareh'liyu

Future singular:

I will read: eso'll'yarehfeh

you will read: eso'll'yarehfio

he/she/it will read: eso'll'yarehfnia


Procrastination future singular:

I will read (when I feel like getting around to it): Uuleso'll'yarefeh


Recent past singular:

I read: apo'll'yarehfeh


Grudge past singular:

I read (and I shall never forget reading it!): Ng'nah'll'yarehfeh


Long past singular:

I read (but it is now dead to me): Yu'll'yarehfeh


Other Parts of Speech

ll'yarehkiol -- (adj.) "bookish"

ll'yarehkai'ol -- (adv.) "bookly"

ll'yar! -- (imp.) "Read!" (lit.: "Book!")

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