Vasudan Light Laser

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Vasudan Light Laser is the Vasudan equivalent of the ML-16 laser. After the Shivans show up most Vasudan fighters seem to carry the ML-16 and later the Avenger. Later in the campaign it is used by Shivan forces, probably to make several missions easier.

In numerous user-made campaign, this weapon is referred to as the VLL-9 Laser.


Weapon Comparison Table, FS 1


Weapon Comparison Table, FS 2



Range 900 m
Rate of Fire 2 shots per second
Velocity 300 ms-1
Base Damage 5
Armor Damage Full 5
Shield Damage Poor 1
Subsystem Damage Full 5

Veteran Comments

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This actually is used several times in the Main FreeSpace Campaign, occasionally by Shivan forces so they can't really attack (Good Luck). It does moderately more shield damage than its Terran counterpart, but much less armor damage, also consider the fact that it only moves at 300 mps, to the ML-16's 450 mps, this slow speed makes it difficult to hit anything. The most directly similar weapon is the Training Laser, which is not fit to destroy anything besides cargo containers.