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This is the list of active voice actors with detailed info regarding their past experience and links to their samples (they're currently unavailable for this page, please change this intro as soon as you add them).

Each entry is composed by four parts:



Eventual past experience:

Link to samples:

Please follow the alphabetical order.

Admiral Ahmose

Accent: American Midwestern

Past Experience: BWO Demo, Professional radio; work on unreleased Rogue Intentions episode

Samples: Rogue Intentions Monologue, Forceful, Confused, Commanding, Reply to Command


Accent: Australian

Past Experience: Derelict (Kyle Athanas, Gorgon Cannon, Adam Tarovich, Qualmotep)

Samples: See Derelict Voiceacting.


Accent: American Midwestern

Past Experience: No released campaigns; work on unreleased Rogue Intentions sequel.

Samples: Command, Pilot 1, Pilot 2.


Accent/Description: American, moderate to deep voice.

Past Experience: None (?)

Samples: Moderate 1, Moderate 2, Moderate 3, Moderate 4, Deep 1, Deep 2


Accent/Description: American, variable

Past Experience: Derelict (Tau Sigma Station, Debriefing), Shrouding the Light (Commodore Cooper), unreleased RI chapter

Samples: See Derelict Voiceacting, See Attachment for Rogue Intentions Samples


Accent: Eastern European (Russian, Croatian)

Past Experience: None released (?), work on unreleased Rogue Intentions sequel

Samples: None


Accent: Very deep, neutral.

Past Experience: Working on new Blaise Russel campaign.

Samples: One, Two, Three, Four