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Wings is a total conversion for the FreeSpace 2 SCP engine, set in an original universe around 150 years from the present day. Its primary focus was extreme high-speed fighter combat. It was canceled due to a hard drive crash, but on August 21, 2011, Woolie posted a screenshot on #hard-light that marked the official return of Wings.


Wings puts the player in the cockpit of a 22nd-century fighter aircraft as a third world war rages among five superpowers: the United States of America, the European Union, the Arab Coalition, the People's Republic of China, and the Spacer Commonwealth. The main campaign will focus on the United States, but all nations' fighters and bombers are playable.

Wings' most distinctive feature is its extremely fast, hectic gameplay. Fighters are capable of speeds exceeding 600 meters per second and have thin armor and no shields. Skill at dodging and a good aim will be rewarded, careless piloting will result in death. Wings also features ground targets--stationary buildings and fortifications, and mobile armored vehicles. Special weapons such as unguided bombs and rocket launchers are used to take out large numbers of ground targets in missions where they appear. Some missions will even involve protecting allied armor from enemy fighter or tank attacks.

Flying warships similar to FreeSpace's will also be present, but the balance of power is much more in their favor--only a bomber's torpedoes can do significant damage to capital ships and their flak batteries will tear apart unwary fighters in seconds. Careful tactics and unit coordination are essential to defeating capital ships.


Each nation has unique ships and weapons and a different overall play style--American fighters are generalists, EU fighters are exceptional dogfighters, Chinese fighters have greater firepower at the expense of agility, etc. The player will have access to fighter aircraft, VTOL gunships (slow but with exceptional turning rates, large missile capacities, and the ability to slide sideways almost as fast as they can move forward), and bombers. The more advanced factions have energy weapons as well as conventional cannons, which require no ammo but have energy capacitors that are slow to charge.



  • Woolie Wool: Project Lead
  • The E: Alpha testing, conversion, and assistance


(in alphabetical order)
  • ShadowGorrath: Alpha Testing, Art, and Assistance