Wings of Dawn ship classification

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The Wings of Dawn Universe Portal

Ships in the Wings of Dawn universe are classified according to size. Ship sizes and their corresponding designations, as used by different groups, are listed here.

LSF designations

The League Star Forces use the following designations for ship sizes:

  • Corvette: 60-100m
  • Frigate: 101-300m
  • Destroyer: 301-500m
  • Cruiser: 501-700m
  • Battlecruiser: 701-1000m
  • Battleship: 1001-1700m
  • Dreadnought: 1701m+

CSA designations

The Cyrva Star Armada designate ships as follows:

  • Frigate: 50-150m
  • Destroyer: 151-400m
  • WarCruiser: 401-1000m
  • Battleship: 1001-2000m
  • Juggernaut: 2001m+