Workings of the Warp

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Author: Orph3u5

Status: Work In Progress


The Player will slip into the role of Commander Alexander Couter, Squadron Leader of 41st Squadron of the GTVA. As Couter he/she will take part in an epic struggle for order in a divided galaxy, once again battle against the GTVA's nemisis, the Shivans, and will uncover a mystery which even the powerful Shivans have to fear.

Main Campaign Features

  • New Weapons
  • New Ships
  • The Constructors, a new race
  • and more....


Faces Of Treason

The Lost Generation

Notable Ships of WotW

  • GTD Ithaca

The Ithaca is an Orion-class destroyer and the home of the protagonist's squadron, 41st Dragon Knights. The ship was badly damaged in an enocunter with a shivan Ravana-class destroyer and had to retreat to Vega.

  • SSD Aamon

The SSD Aamon was the second shivan Lucifer-class destroyer encountered in GTVA space. It's existance and deployment during the Battle for Capella has been declassfied after it's destruction by force lead by fighter pilots James Sternling, who was awarded with the GTVA Legion of Honor, the rank of Captain and command of his own fighter squadron in result. Recently rumors have been spread that GTVA knew about the exsitance of the Aamon before it was encountered in Capella.