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<b>Craft used the most:</b> [[GVF Serapis]]<br>
<b>Craft used the most:</b> [[GVF Serapis]]<br>
<b>Stationed on-board:</b> [[GVD Psamtik]] <br>
<b>Stationed on-board:</b> [[GVD Psamtik]] <br>
<b>Squadron leader:</b> <?> <br>
<b>Squadron leader:</b> Commander Habu <br>

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General info

Squadron type: Various
Craft used the most: GVF Serapis
Stationed on-board: GVD Psamtik
Squadron leader: Commander Habu


The NTF was defeated. Because of this, the GTVA focused on searching the nebula for Shivan targets. In a mission to destroy Shivan gas miners the GVCv Tatem came under attack by a SJ Sathanas-class vessel which easily destroyed the Vasudan corvette. The GVD Psamtik was quick to retreat back to Gamma Draconis and on order, the Scorpions oversaw the demolition of the Knossos subspace portal to prevent the Sathanas from entering Teran-Vasudan space. The 203rd Scorpions took major part in the fight against the Sathanas. For more information, see SJ Sathanas and GTVA Colossus.

After the victory over the Shivan juggernaut, the Scorpions received the task to find Aken Bosch and the NTF Iceni inside the nebula. They did find the Iceni, but the Admiral had probably been taken by the Shivans. In that mission, the GTVA attempted to retrieve the specifications of the ETAK device by rescuing the crew of the Iceni. It barely succeeded before the self-destruct system came online.

The Scorpions were present when the second Sathanas juggernaut destroyed the GVD Psamtik. After the destruction of their former command vessel, they got reassigned to the GVD Memphis, where they finished their duties by helping the Aquitaine escape the nebula.

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