AC Heraklion (ASW)

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All information related to the AC Heraklion (ASW) is non-canon.
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AC Heraklion


Ancient-Shivan War Tech Room Description

Cruisers of the Heraklion class are a dominating force to behold. Few warriors find it impossible to admire for its superiority in battle. It wields firepower not only for its own personal defence, but to make it effective and formidable offensive. The speed it can achieve is respectable, enough to pursue fleeing foes and assure no possible chance of escape. The strength and integrity of the Heraklion's hull is a shining standard for any future cruiser design. As their very sight makes our foes tremble to this day, the Heraklion class will continue to inspire fear while it remains in service for generations to come.

Developer Notes

The name "Heraklion" was chosen by the Inferno team, and kept by the ASW team for convenience. Not to be confused with the original Heraklion, which goes by AC Kamares in ASW.


  • Original model by the Inferno team
  • Retexture by Droid803


Statistics (Ancient-Shivan War)

Type Cruiser
Max Velocity 40 m/s
Hitpoints 25 000
Length 360 m


Ancient-Shivan War
Turret Type Amount
Ancient Medium Turret 6
Ancient Light Turret 9
Pharnec 2
Crete 4

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