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For additional info regarding Inferno builds and their boosted limits, see Engine limitations.

General Info

Current Team

  • Woomeister - Project leader, 3D artist, FREDer
  • Rampage - 3D artist, FREDer
  • JSRNerdo - FREDer
  • Mobius - FREDer
  • Trivial Psychic - FREDer
  • Droid803 - 3D artist, FREDer
  • Nyctaeus - 3D and 2D artist
  • TheDagger - 3D and 2D artist
  • BrotherBryon - 3D artist
  • Jessnec - Effect artist
  • Rhymes - Writer
  • General Battuta - Writer
  • Admiral Nelson - CBanim Artist

Inactive Members

  • SadisticSid
  • Shiv
  • Freespaceking

Number of missions:

INF Nostos:
Chapter One: 16
Chapter Two: ???

Mods included:
Complete Modpacks

Story and general notes

There are separate Inferno continuities - the old and the new one. Inferno Nostos is the only released campaign from new continuity. Status of INFA:SA and its sequel are uncertain.


Many community members found what appear to be a few glitches in Inferno:

  • Presence of extremely large and unused warships
  • Poor plot
  • Overpowered weapons

While the old continuity may be affected by those problems, the new one will try to solve them in the most effective way.

Old Continuity

Inferno: Release 1

Also known as: INFR1, INF:R1, Inferno: R2, Inferno R2, Inferno: Release 1, and Inferno Classic

Mostly known with the abbreviation INFR1, this is the first release of the Inferno MOD, now compatible with FS Open thanks to a patch.

Inferno R1 Ship Database

Inferno: Release 2

Also known as: INFR2, INF:R2, Inferno: R2, Inferno R2, Inferno: Release 2

Originally supposed to be INFR1's sequel, all progress on INFR2 stopped and the mod has no longer been in development for several years.

Inferno: Alliance

Also known as: INFA, INF:A, INFA1 (may also refer to INFASA)

Inferno: Alliance, or INFA, is another MOD ideated by Woomeister and released in late 2006. It takes place in Sol many years after the collapse of the jump node connecting the system to Delta Serpentis.

An upgrade of INFA, INFASA, is currently in progress. INFASA is intended to fully replace its predecessor.

Inferno: Alliance Ship Database


Inferno: Alliance Standalone

Also known as: INFA:SA, INFASA, INFA1 (may also refer to INFA)

Currently a WIP MOD, INF:A SA (or INFASA) is intended to replace Inferno: Alliance with a more complex story and several new combat assets. The plot background is the same seen in INFA - after the collapse of the Delta Serpentis jump node, Sol colonies regain their independence and GTA authorities are progressively removed.

The mod is compatible with the FS Port and the presence of small VP files ensures full compatability with many FS Port campaigns using MODs.

The release date has yet to be defined because of intense feature creeping, testing and upgrading.

Inferno: Alliance 2

Also known as: INFA2, INFA:2

Although it's a sequel of INFASA, INFA2 is considerably different from its predecessor. Closer to INF SCP than INFASA, INFA2 will tell the story of the Earth Alliance's efforts in taking full control of Sol by defeating the feared Jovian Coalition.

New Continuity

Inferno Nostos

Also known as: INF SCP, INF Nostos, INFR2

Inferno Nostos will rewrite the story of its predecessor (INFR1) and its supposed sequel. The new MOD has been in the works for many years and features a lot of models and new effects. Changes to the first part of the storyline, the one already seen in INFR1, are considerable under many points of view.

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