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All information related to the AI Thera is non-canon.
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The original AI Thera, as seen in INFR1.
The newer AI Thera, as seen in the Ancient-Shivan War.


INFR1 Tech Room Description

The Thera installation is one of the largest static structures we've ever seen in space. Both heavily armed and armored, it appears to be a central hub for Ancient ships. We know nothing else about it.


  • Model by Woomeister with textures by Bobboau



Type Installation
Manufacturer Ancients
Maneuverability N/A
Max Velocity N/A
Max Afterburner Velocity N/A
Armor N/A
Hitpoints 500 000
Shields N/A
Width 2011 m
Height 2363 m
Length 2187 m


Inferno Release 1
Turret Type Amount
BABeam 8
Unknown AAA 8
Unknown Turret 4

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