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Inferno Release 1 (INFR1), aka Inferno Classic, was the first Inferno mod to be released.


  • In development since: November 2000
  • Released: July 16, 2003
  • Voice acting added: July 16, 2023
  • Mods included


Project Lead:

  • Woomeister

Senior Staff:

  • Darkage
  • Venom
  • SadisticSid

Other Staff:

  • Alikchi
  • Knight Templar
  • Phreak
  • RoachKoach
  • Roy Fokker
  • Sesquipedalian
  • Si|eNt(\\/)inion
  • Spicious
  • Stealth
  • StratComm
  • Tiara
  • Untouchable

Checkpoint Script:

  • Admiral MS
  • Goober5000

Additional CBAnimations:

  • Ormuni

Voice Producer:

  • Goober5000

Sound Editor/Designer:

  • João Guimarães

Vasudan Voice Effects:

  • Gamma39er

Voice Talent:

  • Admiral Nelson - EAD Devout
  • Amy O'Grady - SOSD Olemus, Wingman 2 (Ice Queen), Wingman 7 (Female Vasudan)
  • Andros Urbana - GTCa Independence
  • Caiaphas - Admiral Dren (SOC Command)
  • Caleb Smith - GTD Harmonium, GVD Nefertiri, GVCa Rhemet, Vasudan Command
  • Cobra - GVD Hathor, Lieutenant Higgins, Wingman 1 (Ace)
  • Colonol Dekker - Briefing Officer
  • Mauri "Darkblade" Majanoja - SOD Orpheus
  • Dilmah G - EAC Praetorian, Sol Gate
  • Eamonn Riley - Admiral Falon (EASD Nemesis)
  • Eleven Labs - GTD Aquitaine
  • Fusionblaster - Wingman 3 (Rookie)
  • HulkyKrow - GTD Ramanaya, Wingman 5 (Sidekick)
  • Kehra - EACv Iasius
  • Logomancer - GVD Khedess, GTT Mylae, EAI Verdun
  • Mobius - GTCv Mako
  • Nicolle Zambrano - GTCv Carolina, GTCv Keyes, GTD Reyes, GTC Yukon
  • Nyctaeus - GTCv Punishment
  • RedMageJoe - Wingman 4 (Hotshot), Wingman 6 (Male Vasudan)
  • Renegade Paladin - Allied Command, Untranslated Vasudan
  • Sparda - EAD Arethusa
  • Tim Valencia (The Kunked Slump) - Admiral Ramsey (Command Briefing Officer)
  • Vindicare Assassin - GTT Azure, Lambda 1, EAC Redavi, GTT Renegade

Missions and Campaigns

  • One 14-mission campaign


In the year 2400, contact with Sol was established, but with dire consequences. A war between the Earth Alliance and the GTVA. A year has passed and both sides have suffered heavy losses. With reports of black ships appearing in the Ross 128 system, the greatest fear of the GTVA has been realized: the Shivans have returned once again.


At the time of its release in July 2003, INFR1 was one of the first mods—if not the very first mod—developed for FreeSpace 2. The start of its development, which began in November 2000, predates the release of the game's source code by two years. INFR1 has inherent links with the defunct Over the Top project due to it using several of the latter's released assets, and INFR1's project lead, Woomeister, being a former staff member of OTT.

Besides the campaign included in the mod, INFR1 also contained an expansive number of additional ships and weapons not used in the campaign, which were likely intended to be used during further development of the Inferno continuity. INFR1 also included a fourth species—the Ancients, a fan-made depiction of the very species that was canonically exterminated by the Shivans.

INFR1 was released during a period in FreeSpace 2's post-development history where other mods of a similar scale did not exist or were not released as a complete mod. For this reason, it enjoyed considerable popularity for many years and, despite its age, influenced the design and conception of elements in newer mods, such as Blue Planet and the Ancient-Shivan War mod, while other campaigns and mods, such as Dawn of Sol and The Procyon Insurgency, made use of ships, assets, textures, and weapon names from INFR1.

Originally released as an installer executable, it was intended for INFR1 to be installed directly on top of an existing FreeSpace 2 installation in Windows. Compatibility patches are now bundled with some distributions of the mod in its native VP format, enabling it to run on modern versions of FSO like any other contemporary mod, irrespective of the operating system.

Development of INFR1's sequel, Inferno: Release 2, was discontinued in favour of Inferno SCP, now known as Inferno Nostos, which reimagines INFR1's continuity and setting.

An unofficial patch was released by Goober5000 on November 9, 2017, that fixes all the mod warnings in INFR1 and adds a checkpoint at the start of the second phase of Mission 13.

On July 16, 2023, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of INFR1's release, INFR1 was re-released as Inferno 20th Anniversary Edition, with its single-player campaign fully voice-acted and additional bugs fixed since the unofficial 2017 release.

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