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Silent Threat: Reborn

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Fighter squadron: 82nd Nighthawks

Description: Our hero must scan the subsystems of the Hades in a desperate attempt to find a weakness.


Before having any hope of destroying the GTD Hades, GTA Command has requested Alpha 1 to scan the Hades and hopefully find a weakness...


You have Beta and Gamma wings of your own choosing (already deployed), along with Delta and Epsilon as backup.

You're going to have to scan a lot of subsystems for the most objectives possible. At the minimum, you need the Sensors (the nose), Communications (center of the ship tower-side), Weapons (on the tower), and Navigation (center on the underside). For the most objectives, you need to scan only one engine (behind the tower) and the fighterbay (on the underside). Be prepared to take on a lot of Lokis (they have Flails and Leech cannons).

Then you will have the order to return to the Herschel (it's cloaked so the Hades cannot shoot it, so a Pharos buoy comes in its place). Defend it when you get the order by two waves of Zeus bombers, and after that's through, the Hope will come in and suicide-ram the Hades, knocking out its engines. The Hades escapes through the Deneb jump node. You will get clearance to return to base.


Developer Commentary

The GTSC Herschel was added specifically so that its coming under attack would draw the player into an ideal spot to watch the PVD Hope.

Goober5000 22:26, 21 January 2009 (UTC)

The GTD Hades' unstable engine systems are a nod to the retail model and original campaign. In what must surely be a developer oversight, the hitbox for the single engine subsystem was huge, but the subsystem itself had only double the hitpoints of a typical turret. This made it trivial to even accidentally disable the ship with a few stray shots.

To our knowledge, this is one of the only fanmade campaigns to destroy a major canon ship from the original campaigns. After serving alongside the Hope in the original campaign, she deserved a memorable send-off. Her battle cry of "Sa Vasuda!" originated in the acclaimed campaign Shrouding the Light and has seen widespread use in the community.

Galemp 23:06, 27 January 2016 (UTC)