All Hands to War

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All Hands to War is a campaign under development for Descent: Freespace. A five-mission demo has been released.


Author: Hippo

Associate Staff: WhiteLight, Goober5000, Killadonuts, Shivannode, Ulundel, Annorax

Release Date: demo, November 12th 2003; full campaign not yet released

Mods: none

Missions: 5 (in the demo)


The war between the GTA and the Shivans has been raging for 3 months after the Lucifer was destroyed. The PVN has taken severe losses attempting to eradicate the HOL. Terran Command is still trying to contact the SOL system, and is not able to fight the Shivans and assist the PVN. This is putting strain on the agreement between the two species. Noticing the conflict, the HOL attempt to drive a wedge between the two governments. The GTA and PVE have put the GTD Minnow and the PVD Hope on standby status to eradicate any presence of Shivans or the HOL. The alliance is being held together only by two ships. As the HOL drives their wedge deeper into the hearts of the governments, the Shivans release a plan that will spell doom for all space-faring species. The last thing ever heard by all those who will die in the Shivan onslaught, is an alarm klaxon followed by the words, "ALL HANDS TO BATTLE STATIONS, PREPARE FOR WAR!"


This is a VP-packed demo of a campaign. It actually downloads installer utility, for some reason.

A very difficult campaign, but a fairly well-designed one. Only a few spelling/grammar errors. A deeper storyline would have made All Hands to War an excellent campaign.

Despite rumors otherwise, Hippo has stated that the project is in fact not dead.


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