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Fighter squadron:



Hit your burners and divert all energy to engines right at the beginning of the mission. Approach on the SJ Sathanas continously firing GTM Trebuchets onto the nearest turret. But as soon as you get within the range of the GTM Helios warhead (1625 meters), switch to Helios and target the nearest turret from a distance. But DO not shoot the warhead itself yet. Start approaching on the turret and when you are quite near to it, hit your secondary attack. Try to do this at maximum speed (with afterburners).

You will have less chance to follow the trick above in the case of the second turret. Target the second turret and try to acquire a lock on it. If you succeed in doing it, hit your burners and fire the GTM Helios warheads at close range. Call in the repair (rearm) ship, and dock with it, ignoring anything in your vicinity. If you practice much, you can shoot down all four big beam cannons on the Sathanas. But there is one important role to remember: Do not entrust the AI with destroying the turrets. They are too stupid to do anything complicated. They have a good use as interceptors, however. Call in the reinforcements as soon as you get close to the Juggernaut.

But sadly, the mission doesn't end here. There will be a SD Demon-class destroyer (SD Beleth) jumping in. You have to prevent it from escaping. The GTM Trebuchets are good against its anti-fighter turrets, but use the GTM Helios to attack the ship's hull (obvious). Disabling the Beleth can make the ship unable to escape giving you more time to look after the fighters.

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