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Fighter squadron: Not known

Description: With the Sol Gate reclaimed by the GTVA, bomber teams are on alert to destroy EA ships that attempt a bypass...


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This is a scramble mission. Alpha Wing will be flying Sabus bombers with a Prometheus, Advcanced Disruptor, with 9 Stiletto IIIs, and 12 Cyclops torpedoes. Beta Wing will fly in Danaus bombers, while Delta will fly in Cyones.

This mission is basically the Inferno version of The King's Gambit, so your job is to destroy basically any capital ship that tries to get away and disperse into other GTVA systems. Also, your wingmen are capable of taking on any enemy fighter craft that enters the field of engagement, but that's Delta's role.

Don't focus your attention on the EAD Centaur, it's meant to escape.

When the EAD Undaunted comes in, get to the back of the center tower and unleash your Stiletto missiles on the engine subsystem it to disable it. Keep hammering away until the Gate's beam cannons come online and finish the job.


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