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Fighter squadron: 222nd Nightwolves

Description: With the Shivans momentarily at bay, Iwakura and Tell lead Alpha Wing to the last survivors of Earth: the sleeper ship Sanctuary.


The mystery of Earth's destruction should be clear by now. The derelict Minnow, the absence of Command and all GTVA assets, the recording of the Lucifer bombarding Earth, the subspace fluctuations during the initial jump to Earth - all pieces of the puzzle.

The arrival of the Temeraire appears to have intensified Shivan activity in the area, and the player arrives just in time to save the Sanctuary from a Shivan assault.


The area around the neutron star is represented as a nebula. Many humans display adverse psychological reactions to this nebula, including auditory and visual hallucinations. Stay alert.

The Shivan forces attacking the Sanctuary display tactics similar to those of Shivans in the main Freespace 2 campaign. Massed bomber assaults without tremendous concern for fighter cover suggest that these Shivans are not particularly concerned about the Sanctuary's defenses.

Your fighters should have adequate firepower to defend the Sanctuary without trouble.

Watch out for the shockwaves from Shivan warheads: they can be lethal.


Many players don't recognize the significance of the hallucinations Sam experiences here. The Vishnans are making a very specific promise to Sam, offering a reunion in exchange for his cooperation.

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