Frankenstein's Monsters

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Fighter squadron: 222nd Nightwolves

Description: The Duke is a ghost ship, but Samuel Bei is not the only one curious about its presence.


Your investigation inside the GTC Duke raised as many questions as it answered. You found the crew present at their stations on the bridge, but all of them were in some sort of trance and did not respond to anything you did.

As you explored the other parts of the ship, you heard voices coming from within. What made it all the more chilling was that you recognised some of these voices, and are somehow able to deduce that these voices were the ones who brought the Duke here.

Deciding that you were unable to do anything more, you return to your ship and wait for the GTD Temeraire to arrive.


As you wait, you suddenly spot two subspace holes appearing. From them emerged two ships of alien design—neither Vasudan nor Shivan but somewhat Terran in nature. On your second attempt at hailing them, one of the ships responds and identifies as Captain Iwakura of the Terran sleeper ship Sanctuary.

After a short exchange of dialogue between the two ships and you, a Demon-class destroyer, the Kyton, jumps in. The Kyton immediately starts deploying its fighter and bomber complement, and you ask for assistance from the two unknowns. Iwakura and her wingman agree.

You, Iwakura and her wingman, Tell, must now defend the GTC Duke from being obliterated by the Kyton's fighters and bombers. This is made harder by the fact that the Duke is dead in space and cannot defend itself.

The Kyton will send in two waves of four Manticore interceptors, one wing of four Basilisk-class fighters and three Taurvi bombers. Priority should go to the Basilisk fighters and Taurvi bombers, whichever gets closer to the Duke first. Be warned that, if the bombers are able to launch their ordnance, the blast of the explosion can do considerable damage to your shields if you are too close.

When the Kyton's fighter and bomber complement is destroyed, the Temeraire, Bretonia, Labouchere will jump in and annihilate the Kyton with their combined firepower. At the Temeraire's request, both Iwakura and Tell activate their transponder codes. You can then fly into the Temeraire's fighterbay and finish the mission.


  • The Duke is beam-protected; this prevents the SD Kyton from destroying it with a single salvo from its frontal beam.
  • The ships flown by the Sanctuary pilots are "uglies", vessels cobbled together from the parts of existing FreeSpace designs.
  • The two Sanctuary pilots cannot be killed by the Shivans due to mission scripts that prevent them from being disabled, disarmed and taking more than 80% hull damage.
  • When the Temeraire and its escorts arrive, you, Iwakura, Tell and the Duke become invulnerable.

Total number of forces

Forces involved
  • Unknown


(*) Actual ship type is based on previous mission selection
(#) Ship ordnance and damage values are carried over from previous mission



Note: this mission starts at 13 mins 32 secs