Fortune Hunters - 2261

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Fortune Hunters - 2261 is a campaign for The Babylon Project and the final part of the Fortune Hunters Trilogy.

FH2261 was the first campaign that required the Zathras Mod for TBP.


The Great War enters its final phase as the mysterious Vorlon Empire gets involved. Titans march and gods clash, planets burn and fleets are butchered. The Vorlons were supposed to bring victory to the Alliance of Light, an alliance of the endangered, but they only bring apocalypse. Death awaits all and it might be for the better, since even a victory against this threat of extinction would just unleash new horrors. Alone, desperate, homeless and exhausted, the Fortune Hunters and the entire alliance gathers at their fortess, the legendary space station Babylon 5, to deal one last blow, to set one last fire, to stand against all odds for the last time. For all races, for all living things, for the universe. And for themselves. Death is inevitable but personal salvation is still in their grasp. It will end. In fire. As was prophesied.

Campaign and Author

The 12-mission campaign was created by HLP user Vidmaster and first released in the end of September 2009. As before, the previous installments were included in the release, be it in superior versions.

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