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{{User-made Ships|''GTTB '''Armageddon'''''}}
{{shipimage|image=[[Image:Armageddon.jpg]]|caption=The GTTB Armageddon}}
The '''GTTB ''Armageddon''''' is a Superheavy Tactical Bomber.
===FOW Tech Room Description===
"Designed to be the mother of all bombers, the Armageddon is a sight to behold. Mesuring at allmost 100 meters it can only be carried by heavy carriers. Armed with twin Redeemer Cannons, 4 standard primary banks, 5 defensive turrets and a unparalled secondary capacity it can unleash tremendous destruction at a moments notice. Ultra-thick armor plating and impregnable shields are needed, for it handles like a cruiser. A wing of Armageddons is a threat to even ships such as the Sathanas."
===Developer Notes===
Slow as hell, but turrets and shielding cna take care of most pests.
===Veteran Comments===
| style="width:200px" | '''[[Technical_Terms_and_Definitions#Type|Type]]'''
| style="width:200px" | Tactical Superbomber
| '''[[Technical_Terms_and_Definitions#Manufacturer|Manufacturer]]'''
| Han-Ronald Corp
| '''[[Technical_Terms_and_Definitions#Manuverablity|Manuverability]]'''
| Abysmal
| '''[[Technical_Terms_and_Definitions#Max Velocity|Max Velocity]]'''
| 35.0 - 55.0 mps
| '''[[Technical_Terms_and_Definitions#Max Afterburner Velocity|Max Afterburner Velocity]]'''
| 70.0 mps
| '''[[Technical_Terms_and_Definitions#Armor|Armor]]'''
| Insane
| [[Technical_Terms_and_Definitions#Hitpoints|Hitpoints]]
| 1500
| [[Technical_Terms_and_Definitions#Shields|Shields]]
| 4000
| '''[[Technical_Terms_and_Definitions#Length|Length]]'''
| 96 m
1x4 gun mounts (Prometheus S)
1x2 gun maount (Redeemer Cannon - FIXED MOUNT)
3x8 missile mounts (Judgment Day, Judgment Day, Tempest)
==Download link:==

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