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Bomber Statistics

Bomber Armaments

FS1 Tech Room Description

The Ursa is the first bomber designed specifically for the purpose of annihilating capital ships. It carries a massive payload and is the only bomber in the GTA which can equip the Harbinger Bomb. Strong shielding and hull make the Ursa very difficult to destroy.

FS2 Tech Room Description

The GTB Ursa is the slowest bomber in the GTVA fleet. What it lacks in speed, however, it more than makes up with its massive payload. The Ursa was the first GTVA bomber designed specifically to destroy capital ships. With a rack of Helios bombs, in addition to a standard complement of Hornet missiles and Prometheus cannon, a squadron of Ursas can take out a destroyer. Ursas have the highest shielding of any bomber, along with a GTVI-designed hyper-dense hull. These help ensure that the Ursa gets close enough to deliver its payload and possibly even survive the escape.

Developer Notes

Designed to annihilate capital ships and cruisers. Slow but offers unparalleled assault bombing capability.

Veteran Comments


The Ursa is a heavy bomber. As such, you can expect it to dogfight poorly at best. Still, it is surprisingly capable in that situation...which essentially means it will last a tiny bit longer then raw shield and armor vs. enemy damage output numbers would seem to indicate. The turret's hopeless in FS1. An ML-16 just doesn't cut it. In FS2 the turret has a Kayser, which isn't all that bad of a gun, but it still isn't going to help you much.

The Ursa has two primary mounts. One is a dual mount, centerline, under the nose. You want to put an all-purpose antifighter weapon there, because the other mount is impossible to effectively use against anything smaller then freighter-sized. Toss your anti-hull cannons for whacking turrets or smaller capital craft in the offset triple-gun rack.