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*Based on [[GTFg Atlas]]
*Saturn variant by '''herkie423'''

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All information related to the GTSD Saturn is non-canon.
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The GTSD Saturn


Tech Room Description

Armed with six frontal heavy beams, five heavy Antimatter dual cannons, and a score of defensive turrets, this Vindicator class dreadnaught is a formidable beast to go head to head with. They serve as flagships for the High Command Taskforces. If a vindicator dreadnaught is present on the scene, one of the top brass of the High Command or one of the delegates of the High Council is on board this vessel. Despite the intimidating frontal firepower, this craft is still mildy lacking in flank defenses and escorting warships or squadrons are still needed to protect it's side. The Saturn nonetheless cannot outgun its sister ship, the Jupiter, and it has a weaker armor. To date, only seven of these ships were constructed and commissioned shortly after The Third Shivan War.


Designer's Comments



Width 1289 m
Height 1674 m
Length 4897 m
Turrets 44
Fighterbays None


Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
BTach 4
LRBTach 2
MkII Plasma Gun 27
AAAf 6
Antimatter 5x2


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