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The GTW-66 Maxim Cannon is a brand new design; a long-range, high velocity particle accelerator cannon that functions more or less like a mass driver. The weapon has the best range of any primary gun, at 3.5km, and also inflicts the highest degree of hull damage.

A tactically invaluable weapon since it out-ranges any existing anti-fighter defenses, the Maxim's primary disadvantages are first that it draws an amazing amount of power to operate; and second that it causes a substantial amount of recoil per shot, strong enough to affect the pilot's visual aim.


Weapon Comparison Table, FS1


Weapon Comparison Table, FS2

The GTW-66 Maxim Cannon

Tech Room Data

Reconstruction efforts after the Great War inspired advancements in metallurgy and efficient conventional explosives. The two are elegantly combined in the GTW-66 Maxim. The Maxim is by definition an energy weapon, though it behaves like a high-velocity mass-driver cannon, accelerating uranium slugs along its smoothbore barrel. The Maxim has a difficult time penetrating energy-based shields, but it has a devastating effect on hull plating and subsystem armor.


Statistics - Maxim

Range 3600 m
Rate of Fire 6.67 shots per second
Velocity 1800 ms-1
Base Damage 26
Armor Damage Full 26
Shield Damage Poor 4
Subsystem Damage Good 20

Statistics - Maxim D

Range 2700 m
Rate of Fire 6.67 shots per second
Velocity 1800 ms-1
Base Damage 20
Armor Damage Good 16
Shield Damage Poor 4
Subsystem Damage Full 20


Veteran Comments

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The Maxim is a rapid-fire, extra-long-range (three kilometers!) anti-hull cannon. It is clearly designed for the purpose of making capital ships' lives miserable, allowing the player to destroy subsystems and even whole smaller capships with ease from beyond the range of return fire. It does produce some "shake" effect as it fires, degrading its accuracy somewhat, but if you fly in third person mode, your screen doesn't shake. Because of its high rate of fire, despite its low shield damage it is also still mildly effective against shielded targets. Be aware though that this weapon is perhaps the biggest energy hog of them all, and will run you dry with mere seconds of sustained fire.

Despite its range and high rate of fire, the Maxim is a mediocre bomb interception weapon. It has high recoil and uses a massive amount of power. The best bomb interception weapon is the Morning Star, with this or the Mekhu in second place.

The Maxim is a very convenient weapon if you know when and where to use them. By default, the Maxim is a good weapon to take down subsystems—especially larger turrets—and weaker cruisers from a safe distance. Remember it devours a lot of energy, so I suggest you keep your recharge rate maximum while firing, unless you are in a hurry to approach your target. The "shake" effect does not affect your accuracy if you do not steer your ship; however, it will be distracting during a dogfight. If you are expecting a hard dogfight, either take "Dogfight Primary" + Trebuchets or Maxim + lots of "Dogfight Missiles."

This weapon is of little use against Shivan fighters, as they have strong shields and hulls so weak, that you can destroy them with a few hits from anything. Larger ships, or even heavy bombers, are different thing, however.

If you're expecting to see some warships jump into your operations area, and you have access to this weapon, it's definitely worth a look. Using a Maxim cannon, you may be able to disable at least some of a warship's armaments before it gets anywhere close.

The classic combination of the Circe and the Maxim are excellent against Shivan fighters and bombers when fired in short bursts. They both use up so much energy that it's hard to keep a steady stream of fire. The long range and the high hull damage of the Maxim is excellent against anything that's slow and unshielded.

Capable of bomb interception, cruiser killing, subsystem disabling, and fighter/bomber killing (when paired with the Kayser or Circe), the Maxim is one of the best weapons in the game, aside from the high energy usage of almost all late-FS2 guns.

You can circumvent the shudder effect almost completely by switching to 3rd person view (the * key on the numpad) when firing it.

The Maxim is described in the techroom and when first introduced by Admiral Khafre (of the GVD Psamtik) as "by definition an energy weapon, though it behaves like a high-velocity mass-driver cannon"; this appears to be the result of some confusion on the part of whoever wrote the description, as the Maxim behaves like an energy weapon (shooting glowy blue projectiles and eating through your ship's energy) but is by definition a mass driver (it accelerates uranium slugs, after all).

Name Origin

The Maxim gun was one of the first machine guns, operated around the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The gun was developed by an American inventor, Sir Hiram Maxim in 1884.