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The GTW-5a Prometheus (Cannon) Advanced is a modified variant of the GTW Prometheus developed by the GTI. Among other changes, the Prometheus A fires slower and consumes a bit more power than the Prometheus, but its shots have a greater velocity and range in addition to doing more single-hit damage.

Tech Room Data

Designed as a special-issue upgrade to the standard Prometheus, the Prometheus A retains the compatibility of the original while delivering a higher rate of damage at a greater projectile velocity. These advances come at the cost of a slight increase in energy consumption, but many pilots feel that the tradeoff yields a net benefit. This weapon's deployment is currently restricted to GTI pilots on specially authorized missions.


Name Prometheus A
Range 1500 m
Rate of fire 2.857 s-1
Velocity 750 ms-1
Damage 30
Armor damage 27
Shield damage 30
Subsystem damage 10.5

Additional properties

Veteran Comments

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The Prometheus A is the GTW Prometheus S from FS2 (this is even mentioned inside FSPort's weapons.tbl).