GVC Aten

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The GVC Aten was the oldest cruiser-tzpe Vasudan vessel known in the Galaxy. The Aten was a valuable addition to the Vasudan navy up until th appearance of the Shivans in the Great War. The Reconstruction period saw the complete removal of the Aten-class from active service after the appearance of more advanced weaponry and its sequel, the GVC Mentu.

Veteran Comments

The Aten poses little threat alone, it can be only dangerous when armed with tactical weapons such as the Morning Star or the Lamprey. It does not have flaks or AAAf beams by default so it is the most useless cruiser against fighters in FreeSpace 2. However, in FreeSpace 1, it is a proper cruiser against not-so-well armed fighters.

The Aten DOES have AAAf beams, two of them, forward-mounted and upward-facing. Provided you keep their location in mind, it's dogmeat.