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===Jump Nodes===
===Jump Nodes===
*[[Lupus Nebula]] ([[Knossos]])
*[[Shivan Nebula]] ([[Knossos]])

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Celestial Information

  • Distance from Sol: 101 lyrs, 31 par
  • Type of System: Singular
  • Color: K5-Orange Giant
  • Right Ascension: 17h 56m 36.4s
  • Declination: +51° 29' 20"

Important Events

  • 2235: The GTSC Erikson briefly surveys Gamma Draconis and finds nothing of interest.
  • 2367: The NTC Trinity, under the orders of Admiral Bosch, activates the Knossos portal and enters the nebula beyond.
  • 2367: Shivans enter Gamma Draconis, beginning the Second Shivan Incursion.
  • 2367: Admiral Bosch, aboard the NTF Iceni, escapes into the nebula, along with the NTC Alexandria and NTT Grall, as the Neo-Terran Front comes to a violent end.
  • 2367: The GTVA destroys the Knossos to prevent the SJ Sathanas from entering Allied space. The attempt is ultimately unsuccessful.

Jump Nodes


  • Gamma Draconis is also known by its proper name, Eltanin, though it is never referred to as such in the game.
  • In the Freespace continuity, there are no planets, moons, or other stellar bodies in the Gamma Draconis system whatsoever. It is possible that another previous close encounter with another system stripped it of its circumstellar material, but no canon information on this is given.